Health Madness

Blurred Lines: Oral health and overall health

Jessica HembreeBy Jessica Hembree, HCF program officer

While also the name of a hit pop song, blurred lines is an apt summary of the recommendations stemming from HCF’s recently released oral health assessment. Oral health has traditionally been siloed apart from physical health and, unfortunately this separation has greatly impacted the cost, quality and access to oral health services.

And your Health Madness champion is ...

Health Madness

The championship round of Health Madness mirrored last night’s championship game between Louisville and Michigan — game full of excitement with two teams worthy of competing for the top spot.

There were lead changes, some fast breaks, answered quickly by votes from the other team, and ultimately a win decided by one point.

Your Health Madness champion is ... [drum roll] …

Essential Mental Health Benefits!

FINAL FOUR: Health Madness results

Health Madness

We said this at the beginning of Health Madness: we think every single one of the 64 prevention strategies (and, some that didn’t make the tournament, truth be told) is a winner.

But, wow. Color us yellow, because we are shocked (get it? color us yellow for the Wichita State University Shockers? Ok, moving on, then.) by the final two prevention strategies.

Without further ado, your two championship teams:

Why vaccines did not advance in Health Madness

Vaccines and immunizationsBy Rex Archer, MD, M.P.H., Director of Health of Kansas City Health Department

When I heard that during the first round of the HCF’s Health Madness, immunizations had been voted out in the first round, I was as shocked as Ohio State when Wichita State University defeated them to play in the Final Four. (Go, Shockers!)

ACA has the opportunity to recognize good oral health as essential for overall health

Jessica HembreeBy Jessica Hembree, HCF program officer

Here we sit with HCF’s Health Madness narrowed down to the Final Four. The final contenders are: complete streets, essential oral health benefits, essential mental health benefits, and smoke-free bars and restaurants.

ELITE EIGHT: Health Madness results

Health MadnessWe are pleased to present our regional champions!

Healthy Eating/Active Living division
Complete Streets and Physical Activity both raced to the finish, with Complete Streets snagging the champion spot by five votes. Complete streets would facilitate safer transportation for everyone, especially children walking or riding a bike to school.

Physical/Oral Health

Truman Medical Centers working toward a healthier Kansas City

In the post below, Truman Medical Centers President/CEO John Bluford gives us a glimpse into how the hospital has carefully implemented a hiring policy based on tobacco usage, which was one of the 64 prevention strategies competing in Health Madness. Even though hiring practices was eliminated early on, Truman Medical Centers is truly embodying the spirit of Health Madness by implementing policies that have a healthful effect on its environment and its employees.