Types of Grants

Foundation Defined Grants

Foundation Defined Grants (FDGs) are awarded to address health priorities areas as determined by HCF. FDGs are issued to organizations through Requests for Proposals (RFPs). RFPs will be issued at various times during the year. Dates are posted on HCF’s website. Organizations are allowed to submit only one proposal per RFP as the lead organization. Hospitals, universities, colleges, city departments and affiliated foundations and sponsored research organizations may submit two applications for Foundation Defined Grants (FDGs).

Healthy Communities
Funding for Healthy Communities (formerly Healthy Lifestyles) promotes healthy eating, active living and/or discouraging of tobacco use. The overall goal of this RFP is to create community environments that can reinforce healthy choices.

2015 Healthy Communities RFP

Mental Health
Funding for Mental Health should focus on behavioral health services for children and adults and family violence. Projects should address:

  • access to behavioral health care
  • integration of behavioral health and primary care services
  • promotion and implementation of emerging, promising and best practices

2015 Mental Health RFP

Safety Net Health Care
Funding for this round will support the implementation of models of service delivery for physical and oral health that hold the promise of delivering the three-part aim of better health, better health care and lower costs through improved quality.

2015 Safety Net RFP

Applicant Defined Grants

Applicant Defined Grants (ADGs) are based upon applicants’ determination of a need and consistent with the target population and service area. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year with funding decisions made usually within four to eight weeks after receipt of proposal. Organizations are allowed to submit only one applicant defined proposal per calendar year. Though some organizations are allowed to submit 2 proposals per each Foundation Defined Grant (FDG) round, all entities are only allowed to submit ONE Applicant Defined Grant (ADG) per calendar year. The maximum amount that can be requested for this type of proposal is $75,000.

Initiative Funding

Initiatives are primarily initiated by HCF and seek to address gaps or fragmentation in the health system by bringing together key stakeholders to find solutions to complex health related problems. Initiatives rely on an approach that includes input from multiple stakeholder groups and often involves collaboration, coordination, advocacy, and regional/community planning. Organizations/key stakeholders may approach HCF to discuss problems/needs that HCF may decide to address and implement/fund as an initiative.