John Bluford

Stop paying for procedures, start rewarding outcomes

By Mike Sherry, HCF guest blogger and KHI News Service journalist

Outside of the fact that both are located in the Kansas City area, it’s hard to imagine two businesses more dissimilar than Cerner Corp. and Truman Medical Centers.

The former is an entrepreneurial, international health care IT company founded a little more than 30 years ago. The latter is a two-hospital, urban safety-net system that traces its roots back to the middle of the 19th century.

That’s what made a 24-hour span last week all the more fascinating.

Truman Medical Centers working toward a healthier Kansas City

In the post below, Truman Medical Centers President/CEO John Bluford gives us a glimpse into how the hospital has carefully implemented a hiring policy based on tobacco usage, which was one of the 64 prevention strategies competing in Health Madness. Even though hiring practices was eliminated early on, Truman Medical Centers is truly embodying the spirit of Health Madness by implementing policies that have a healthful effect on its environment and its employees.