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Kansas City philanthropy community prepared for challenges

Andres DominguezBefore we bid farewell to an eventful year dominated by the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, our HCF associates take a look back at significant events and projects and share their insights about the year 2013.

On day three of our year in review, HCF Program Officer Andres Dominguez appraises the ever-changing challenges for nonprofits.

A Thanksgiving wish from HCF

It is that time of year where we reflect on our blessings of the past year.

As many of you know, 2013 has been an emotional year at the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. With 17 total employees, HCF has always been a small, tight-knit organization. We are a family and as many families do, we had a year full of ups and downs.

Obesity rates jump once children start school, but there's a solution

By Deborah Markenson, MS, RD, LD, Director of Weighing In, a program of Children's Mercy

Youth advocates are crucial to success

By Alex Higginbotham, youth advocate for S.W.A.G.

5,000,000… five million … 5 million

Any way you put it, that’s a big number. Try to picture 5 million people. (That’s all 32 professional football stadiums filled to standing-room only. And then doubled.) These people are grandparents, parents, siblings and friends.

Now, imagine that every one of those people you just pictured is dead.

KanCare’s 90-day check-up

By Suzanne Wikle, director of policy and research at Kansas Action for Children

Allen County thrives as residents focus on health

I had the opportunity to travel to Iola, Kan., (located in Allen County, Kan.) this week and meet with several grantees that HCF has funded over the years. I also met with the mayor of Iola and with Judge Creitz, chief judge of the 31st Judicial District.

I grew up in a very small town, so going to Allen County is always a treat for me. There is just a special warmness that makes everyone you meet feel like they are your friend. If you ever need to be inspired, go to Allen County because these folks know how to get things done.

Why vaccines did not advance in Health Madness

Vaccines and immunizationsBy Rex Archer, MD, M.P.H., Director of Health of Kansas City Health Department

When I heard that during the first round of the HCF’s Health Madness, immunizations had been voted out in the first round, I was as shocked as Ohio State when Wichita State University defeated them to play in the Final Four. (Go, Shockers!)