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Grant Emphasis: Corrections, Substance Abuse, Organizational Capacity

ADG, $16,641

Start date: 12/1/2010End date: 11/30/2011

Allen County proposes to hire a legal professional to research the legal, logistical and financial implications of establishing a Drug Court in Allen County.

Geographic Area Served:
Allen - 100%


Grant Emphasis: Cultural Competency, Improving Access to Care, Cultural Competency

Safety Net, $75,000.00

Start date: 1/21/2010End date: 1/20/2011

CHC/SEK's Allen County Dental Clinic provides access to a full-range of primary care dental care services to all individuals regardless of ability to pay. Geographic Area Served: Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: Oral Health, Improving Access to Care, Health Disparities, Organizational Capacity

Safety Net, $94,813

Start date: 1/21/2011End date: 1/20/2012

The Allen County Dental Clinic is open 40 hours per week and makes dental services available to all individuals regardless of income. It is staffed by one full-time dentist, two full-time equivalent dental hygienists and five support staff. Services have been provided in Iola since December 2008.

Geographic Area Served:
Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: Improving Access to Care, Oral Health

Safety Net, $57,296

Start date: 1/19/09End date: 1/19/10

CHC/SEK is proposing the establishment of a safety-net dental clinic in Iola, Allen County, Kansas that will provide comprehensive dental services to all individuals regardless of the ability to pay.Geographic Area Served:Allen-100%


Grant Emphasis: Nutrition

Healthy Lifestyles, $49,436.00

Start date: 7/20/2009End date: 7/20/2012

The Growing the Community Garden project will expand access to fresh fruits and vegetables by the poor and underserved citizens of Allen County. ECCG will accomplish this by offering free garden plots, seeds, use of tools, water, fertilizer and advice to low income gardeners. ECCG will hire a part-time garden coordinator who will educate new gardeners, market to low income communities and assist with the day-to-day tasks involved with running a community garden. Geographic Area Served: Allen - 100%


Grant Emphasis: Nutrition

ADG, $10,721

Start date: 5/10/2010End date: 5/9/2011

KSU-Allen County Extension proposes to start a Farmer's Market during the 2010 Growing Season. The Market will primarily target low-income Allen County residents by providing free transportation and accepting Vision Cards.

Geographic Area Served:
Allen - 100%


Grant Emphasis: Organizational Capacity, Oral Health

Applicant Defined, $42,000.00

Start date: 2/1/2009End date: 7/31/2010

Oral Health Kansas has defined itself as an advocacy organization that seeks to build political influence by expanding strategic partnerships with advocacy organizations, coalitions, professional groups and individuals that advocate for populations affected by a lack of access to dental care. Oral Health Kansas is the only organization in the state focused solely on impacting state-level policy discussions and changes specifically related to oral health. Our organization is requesting grant funds from HCF in the amount of $47,357 for operational support. HCF funds will be combined with those of multiple other Kansas foundations, including United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, the REACH Healthcare Foundation and Kansas Health Foundation; corporate donors and membership and conference registration fees to support the organization's daily operations Geographic Area Served: Allen 33%, Johnson - 33%, Wyandotte - 33%


Grant Emphasis: Tobacco Prevention, Lobbying

Healthy Lifestyles, $69,482.00

Smoke Free Allen County is a multi-agency initiative led by Thrive Allen County to reduce tobacco use through a combination of education, voter initiatives and local government policy changes. SFAC targets youth ages 14-21 and service workers in Allen County bars and restaurants. After development of a countywide needs assessment and strategic framework, the effort is designed to culminate in the passage of comprehensive indoor clean air acts that cover public establishments in Allen County. These restrictions, if approved, will be the first of their kind in southeastern Kansas. Geographic Area Served: Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: Improving Access to Care, Organizational Capacity

Applicant Defined, $75,000

Start date: 12/10/08End date: 12/10/09

The Thrive Capacity Building and Outreach Initiative is an effort to create a sustainable organizational infrastructure for Thrive Allen County, and to expand health and wellness outreach to residents in the most impoverished, rural areas of Allen County. The requested funding allows Thrive to solidify its role as a creative, proactive and visionary organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Allen County.Geographic Area Served:Allen - 100%


Grant Emphasis: School-Based, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Community Gardens

Healthy Lifestyles, $168,351

Start date: 7/1/2010End date: 6/30/2011

SAFE BASE, Unified School District 257's after-school program, in true collaboration with City of Iola Park and Recreation will increase the number of physical fitness opportunities available to local children and youth, making activities available to all children regardless of ability to pay. Real dollars committed to this project reflects its importance to both the school district and the City. SAFE BASE will also partner with Elm Creek Community Garden and USD 257 Food Service to implement a pilot school-based gardening, nutrition project to access current attainment and delivery methods of providing fresh fruits and vegetables to USD 257 students.

Geographic Area Served:
Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: Improving Access to Care

Mental Health, $199,419

Start date: 7/1/07End date: 6/30/09

SAFE BASE, USD 257 after-school program, requests funding for Strategies For Success, a two-year project to provide mental health and counseling services to its students and families. Strategies For Success will provide additional counseling and therapy opportunities with longer contact time. It will limit the removal of students from classroom learning for counseling services, creating additional challenges for students already lagging behind. Increased knowledge of mental health issues by staff, parents/guardians, local law enforcement and the community will occur through countywide speaker presentations.Geographic Area Served:Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: Nutrition, Physical Fitness, School-Based

Healthy Lifestyles, $135,000.00

Start date: 7/1/2009End date: 7/1/2010

SAFE BASE will promote healthy behaviors by educating K-8th grade students and their families on proper nutrition and the need for physical fitness to maintain healthy, active lifestyles. Fit And Fun will be just that...Fun! The project will present activities in a fun and engaging way so that students and their families will want to participate. Activities will re-enforce core classroom concepts, such as math and reading, while engaging students and their families in learning. Classes and activities will occur during SAFE BASE, the after-school program for the Iola school district, and in evenings for maximum family participation. Geographic Area Served: Allen - 100%


Grant Emphasis: Physical Fitness, School-Based

Applicant Defined, $50,000

Start date: 6/23/08End date: 6/22/09

Serving approximately 513 preschool-12th grade students, Unified School District 258 will implement the Healthy Humboldt project beginning July 2008. This 12-month project will align with the 2008-2009 school year, gathering household health data on our students and their families. Information will be gathered through Household Health Surveys and individual student health assessments. Using this information as a baseline, further assessment of the community's needs will be attained through a community-based health fair and community health surveys. Additionally, presentations to local organizations and groups will bring awareness to the need for this school-centered wellness initiative.Geographic Area Served:Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: School-Based, Organizational Capacity

ADG, $30,000

Start date: 4/4/2011End date: 4/3/2012

The project is another continuation of a school nurse program for USD 258. The full time school nurse will provide basic registered nursing services to all students, along with serving as a health resource for students, family member and USD 258 staff. Health promotion including healthy lifestyles education, disease prevention, and student safety will be the nurse's daily priorities. The nurse will also work to ensure that low or no income families have equal access to heath care by connecting them to health care providers and assisting in enrolling them in Healthwave or other insurance options available.

Geographic Area Served:
Allen - 100%

Grant Emphasis: School-Based, Organizational Capacity

ADG, $45,000

Start date: 5/3/2010End date: 5/2/2011

The project is the continuation of school nursing services for USD 258. The full time school nurse will provide basic registered nursing services to all students, along with being a health resource for their families and staff of USD 258. Health promotion, disease prevention, and student/staff health safety will be among the nurse's daily priorities. The nurse will also ensure that low income families have equal access to care by connecting them to health care providers and enrolling them in Healthwave and other insurance options available. The nurse's time will be split equally between the Elementary and Middle/High School offices.

Geographic Area Served:
Allen - 100%