It’s time to put progress ahead of politics

By Mayor Sly James, mayor of Kansas City, Mo.

People ask me what I love about being mayor of Kansas City. The answer is that I enjoy seeing the real impact of the decisions we make in City Hall. I have the opportunity to work with a strong group of people at the city – elected and staff – who want to do the right thing. If something isn’t working then we make a change. For us, what’s important is getting things done, not keeping score.

Unfortunately, we know that hasn’t always been the case in our state capitals or Washington, DC.

Ready for the back-to-school rush? Don't forget immunizations


By Dr. Rex Archer, MD, MPH, Director of Health, City of Kansas City, Mo.

The three weeks before the start of school, my wife and I remember trying to fit everything in: last-minute vacations, clothes shopping, school supply shopping and trying to prepare my kids for the new school year. Luckily, we usually got everything done in time.

But, sometimes not everything is crossed off the list — because it might not even be on your list.