Welcome Isabelle Marie

Last week was very special for our family. Our oldest daughter and her husband became the proud parents of their first child and our first grandchild. Isabelle Marie was born on 11/11/11 and joined our family.

As a first time grandpa I realize my comments are not without bias, but Isabelle is simply amazing. She is very alert and her eyes follow whoever is talking to her. I look forward to getting to know my new granddaughter.

I am so proud of my daughter and her husband. My daughter had a fairly normal pregnancy but the labor and delivery part was both exciting and scary. Throughout the 68 hours of labor, my daughter and her husband were kind and gracious to everyone. This was a new process for all of us so we listened to our doctors and nurses and tried to stay calm as the hours went on and baby Isabelle had decided not to come join us. Through it all my daughter and son-in-law were not in a panic, thanks to my wife, our youngest daughter and other family members that supported them throughout the entire 68 hours of labor. There is nothing more comforting than the hand and spirit of a mother. In times of uncertainty, nothing can be more encouraging than family.

Now that Isabelle is home she is busy getting to know the rest of the family and she is being introduced to all of her friends. She is very entertaining and seems to know exactly when to turn on the charm. As a newborn, she does know how to cry, but she also knows how to cuddle and how to melt in your arms. She sure has her new grandpa wrapped around her little finger already!



Issabelle is perfect. I wish every child had the same opportunities she will have. Oh how life is unfair. It is our job as activist to make sure we every child gets equal opportunities in life. It is uphill battle.

I am amazed and blessed by all of the love and support we have received throughout Steph's pregnancy and now that little Izzy is here. I don't know how we would do it without all of the familial support we are so lucky to have. Which brings me to a point:

My life's work has been helping others who have not been as lucky as me. This experience, among many other thoughts and emotions, has made me realize even more how important it is for EVERYBODY and EVERY child to have the same advantages as I did and as my daughter has. The jury is still out on whether Izzy won the parent lottery, but I know that Steph and I certainly did and it makes me want to work even harder to help others who are not born into the same beneficial circumstances as me, steph and our daughter.

As well, it is SO important form this foundation and their grantees to continue to work so tirelessly to help kiddos in our city have acces to healthcare and other essential services that get kids off to a great start.

Thanks, grandpa, for your love and support and thanks, Steve, for your courage, vision and leadership on behalf of all Kansas Citians.

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