What is the difference between Letters of Commitment and Letters of Support?

Each organization that will receive a portion of the grant funds must provide a Letter of Commitment on the organization’s official letterhead. Letters of Support are not required but may be used to strengthen a proposal.

Letter of Commitment: The letter must state the organization’s commitment to the project, indicate the specific role it will fulfill, and state its share of the grant proceeds. Note: In-kind resources also require a Letter of Commitment (e.g. the value — salary and benefit expense — of staff time contributed to the project, the value of office space, equipment or training that is donated, or the value of volunteer time or other forms of direct or indirect support such as the cost of utilities and supplies.

Letter of Support: Letters of Support should be from entities that would be affected by the program for which you are requesting funding. There is no limit on the number of Letters of Support an applicant may submit, but more than 8 is cumbersome.