Health and wellness conversations on the blog

Part of our work to ignite a culture of health in our region is advocating for health and wellness. One of our advocacy efforts is this blog. We love to share this platform with the voices of the community to advance conversations around wellness, prevention, and other timely health issues. So, thank you to our […]

‘Pedaling’ the good news about active living

Editor’s note: This week is National Men’s Health Week. We encourage all of our readers to try a new activity that gets you up and moving. Also, set an appointment for an annual exam if you haven’t had one yet this year. We’ve published some great posts on men’s health topics in the past. (Check […]

The good, the bad and the almost: A review of the 2018 legislative sessions in Missouri and Kansas

HCF focuses on igniting a culture of health by advocating for health and wellness and working to ensure that the health of those most in need is prioritized by our elected leaders. HCF’s policy agenda helps guide the ways that HCF uses its own voice in support of policy change, but it’s worth noting that […]

Advocacy training sounds like music to my ears

I was fortunate to be able to attend the advocacy training hosted by the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the Alliance for Justice last week. The speaker for the course, Nona Randois, the California director for Alliance for Justice, used an example and an activity to help frame the conversation. The example […]

Employment should help Missourians overcome poverty, not lose health care

In January 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued guidance to state Medicaid directors on how to apply for a waiver to create work requirements for participants to remain eligible for the program. So far, three states — Arkansas, Indiana, and Kentucky — have been approved, and at least six more states […]

What’s happening in Kansas and Missouri? A 2018 mid-session legislative recap

The clock has sprung forward, birds are singing, the sun is (sometimes) shining … spring is upon us! As the season turns, both the Missouri and Kansas legislatures are inching ever closer to the end of their legislative sessions. This is a great time to hit pause and take stock of the health policy picture […]

A year in review: HCF’s grantmaking in 2017

We often talk about our work to tackle the pressing health issues facing our community. Though the topics are always worthy of discussion and support, they can also be heavy and sad; after all, rarely does something positive come from not receiving regular medical care. However, it occurred to us recently that we rarely talk about […]

Advocates gather to address food insecurity

Hunger advocates and health care professionals gathered on September 13 for the first Hunger Free Healthcare Summit in Kansas City. The first-of-its kind summit was an opportunity to discuss the impact of nutrition and food access on health and integrated solutions for patients. The summit was the culmination of nine months of collaborative work between […]

What no one tells you about leadership

Who honestly cares about leadership? I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “Omg! I can’t wait until the next leadership seminar that I have to attend!” I work in the public health industry, and even I, someone who has dedicated my career to improving the health of our residents, never saw the true […]

And the Oscar goes to ….

As a co-lead of the Safety Net Foundation Defined Grant round, I am always looking for ways to make the process simpler and more transparent for everyone who submits an application. Realizing the significant time demands on everyone in the safety net health community, we decided to record a webinar with all of the detailed […]


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