With deep gratitude, thank you to all our volunteers

By Bridget McCandless, MD on April 26, 2017
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Did you know that 62 million people volunteer each year? Most of them volunteer for an average of 40 hours per year. It never ceases to amaze me how much people are willing to invest time and energy into their communities. That expertise, love and devotion are indispensable. This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week. […]

Public health policy: an unassuming name for some truly life-saving programs

By Lee A. Norman, MD, MHS, MBA on April 24, 2017
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, The University of Kansas Health System

This may sound odd, coming from a physician, but I believe that the general public and, in particular, public policy makers, place too much emphasis on medical care and too little emphasis on the other determinants of health. I believe that a country as productive and wealthy as ours should be able to provide a […]

Creating safety and stability for Kansas children

By Vicky Roper on April 20, 2017
Prevent Child Abuse Kansas Director, Kansas Children’s Service League

In 2012, I attended a workshop at the National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, where I learned about the interactive systems learning lab the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had created to encourage businesses to invest in violence prevention. It was agreed that the early version of the learning lab would be […]

Cristo Rey’s Health Day covers the ABCs of health

By Andie Borchardt on April 13, 2017
Communications Intern, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

On April 5, Cristo Rey students and faculty participated in their annual, all-day Health Day. I was honored to attend Health Day, and watch how the school promoted physical and emotional health through Zumba, meditation, yoga, and discussion groups. Cristo Rey’s Facebook page said Health Day covered healthy lifestyle topics from A, for an apple a day, […]

In-school therapy combined with parenting program make world of difference for families

By Rachel Segobia on April 3, 2017
Executive Director, Lee’s Summit CARES

Peace begins with a smile.  – Mother Teresa Individuals living outside of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, may pause when they hear about poverty in a city that is considered so affluent, but a 2013 survey conducted by the City of Lee’s Summit shows that this affluence only makes things more complicated. Lee’s Summit residents living at […]

A great week for Kansas

Topeka Kansas Capitol

By Bridget McCandless, MD on March 29, 2017
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Editor’s note: Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed the bill. We expect the House to delay a vote on a motion to override the veto until next week. The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas has compiled a list of key lawmakers to contact with your concerns.  What a great week for Kansas!! I could not be more proud […]

A Health Care Foundation series: Exploring #RepealAndReplace

By Bridget McCandless, MD on March 23, 2017
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

I have been reading so many opinions and analyses of the recently proposed American Health Care Act.  In some of the more nuanced discussions, people differ on what it will and won’t do. I think we can be certain that everyone involved recognizes that health care and insurance is complicated and that solutions for one […]

The great Kansas comeback

By Annie McKay on March 23, 2017
President/CEO, Kansas Action for Children

I am a fiercely proud native Kansan and believe two things to the core of my being: That Kansas is the greatest state in the nation and that Kansans are good people. When historians reflect on Kansas, they always seem to make note of a unique, collective mindset among its people. We’ve been described as […]

Program introduces trauma-informed care to culinary industry

By Amy Simmons, MSW on March 14, 2017
Director of Community Care, Episcopal Community Services

I want you to take a journey with me… close your eyes and think of a commercial kitchen, like the kitchen in your favorite restaurant. With your eyes closed tell me what you hear… what you smell… what it feels like. Is it loud? Do you hear the voices, clanging of pots and pans, the rhythm […]

Menorah Heritage Foundation continues tradition of healing and service

By Rita Cortes on March 9, 2017
Executive Director, Menorah Heritage Foundation

Nearly 100 years ago, the Kansas City Jewish community began a conversation about how to provide quality health care and afford all physicians a place to practice medicine, without regard to religion, race or economic status. Today this tradition lives on in the Menorah Heritage Foundation, recently formed by the merger of the Jewish Heritage […]


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