Blog Posts By: Bridget McCandless, MD

Transparency in HCF’s funding

January 4, 2017

I am often asked about the dollars that support the efforts of the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. When a foundation grants $20 million annually, those questions are inevitable because so many depend on those funds to serve the uninsured and underserved. I am thankful that our history of fiscal decision-making makes this […]

Creating a culture of health

December 15, 2016

As 2016 winds down, we begin our annual blog series where HCF associates review highlights from our work this past year. In our final post, Bridget McCandless looks ahead to 2017 and how we can continue to build a culture of health. Join us as we look back on 2016.  A few weeks ago the Kansas […]

Wishing you a day of peace and thanksgiving

November 23, 2016

Friends, I write to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This has been a time of immeasurable gratitude at the foundation. We are so appreciative of the support that has poured forth for our friend and colleague Adriana Pecina and her family. It reminds all of us of what we treasure. We have been holding our […]

What makes a good tobacco tax?

September 21, 2016

The tobacco tax is a powerful public health tool. Tobacco taxes are like antibiotics— dose matters. A drop here and there does nothing. With tobacco taxes, the dose needs to be strong enough to affect the choices of purchasers. This makes phased-in taxes ineffective. The bare minimum to change behavior is an increase of 10 […]

Home is where the heart is

August 11, 2016

Since our inception, HCF has been proud to call 18th and Prospect our home. We appreciate the opportunity given to us by both MCC Community College and the City of Kansas City, Missouri, to lease office space in the Pioneer building. When we moved into our first home we had one staff person: Tracy Skidgel. […]

Farewell to our beloved Rhonda Holman

June 23, 2016

What a bittersweet message to write. This is a time to celebrate the a wonderful career of our friend and colleague, Rhonda Holman. Rhonda has had a career that spanned education, banking, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I know that in each of those fields she learned much and gave much—of herself and her wisdom and patience […]

When nothing is better than something

March 2, 2016

Update: Please read why we only support a tobacco tax that has an actual effect on public health. HCF intends to pursue a substantial and impactful increase in the tobacco tax in the coming years. HCF and many others came together in 2012 to advocate for a ballot initiative to increase Missouri’s tobacco tax from $0.17 per […]

Fanfare for the common man

January 11, 2016

Yesterday was the service for my friend Landon Rowland. It is hard not to smile when thinking of how to describe him. I heard several people lovingly describe him as complex. That complexity manifested as a man of un-ending curiosity, graciousness, fervor and conviction. He was also a provocateur and instigator which made him so […]

Farewell to Tracy Skidgel

Tracy Steve Dr. Jonas

January 6, 2016

There are few words to describe someone as important to the Health Care Foundation as Tracy Skidgel. She was the first employee of HCF, and in many ways, helped to shape the way we do business.  At the beginning, we had no available money, and Tracy had to use her credit card to pay the expenses […]

My New Year’s Resolution for Kansas City

HCF associates, 2015

December 31, 2015

  2015 was an exciting year for the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. It was during this year that we celebrated 10 years of grantmaking. Over the course of the past decade, we have funded over 440 organizations. We took an opportunity this year through our Decade of Difference report and website, events, […]


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