In-school therapy combined with parenting program make world of difference for families

By Rachel Segobia on April 3, 2017
Executive Director, Lee’s Summit CARES

Peace begins with a smile.  – Mother Teresa Individuals living outside of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, may pause when they hear about poverty in a city that is considered so affluent, but a 2013 survey conducted by the City of Lee’s Summit shows that this affluence only makes things more complicated. Lee’s Summit residents living at […]

HealthStart Academy inspires urban students to enter health sciences careers

By Susan Wally on October 6, 2016

In the Kansas City region, people of color are underrepresented in health sciences occupations. Additionally, there are too few candidates to meet the workforce demands of this growing field. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, health care and social assistance is the highest employment and wage growth industry in Kansas City—but only […]

Kansas City foster-parent group grows to nationally recognized agency

By Lori Ross on September 29, 2016
CEO and President, FosterAdopt Connect

In 1998, I joined a handful of Kansas City-area foster parents at a support group meeting in Eastern Jackson County. In that meeting, people who were new to fostering, and people who had fostered for a while, were sharing their experiences and challenges and seeking solutions together. I quickly decided that I wanted to be […]

Youth Ambassadors write children’s book depicting harsh reality

By Paige O’Connor on September 14, 2016
Executive Director, Youth Ambassadors, Inc.

In my children’s favorite childhood book, For Every Child a Better World, Kermit the Frog shows children that others are working hard to make our world a better place.  It is a compassionate book that gently introduces us to how others live “outside” their community and acquaints us to the United Nation’s Convention on the […]

Gun violence is a public health issue for which something can be done

By Tarris Rosell, PhD, DMin on August 30, 2016
Rosemary Flanigan Chair, Center for Practical Bioethics

Dallas. Baton Rouge. Orlando. San Bernadino. Ferguson. When city names become synonymous with acts of gun violence, we need to talk. This is how the Center for Practical Bioethics introduced the 22nd annual Rosemary Flanigan Lecture and Symposium held August 10-11, 2016 in Kansas City. Initially, we started with just three city names in that […]

JVS helps refugees face bewildering U.S. health system

By Catherine Anderson on July 27, 2016
Manager of Language and Cultural Services, Jewish Vocational Services

Refugees come to Kansas City from countries all over the world — Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burundi, Burma, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. Their first view of Kansas City is through the windows of a jet landing at Kansas City International Airport, usually late at […]

Wait, don’t change that doctor just yet

By Laura McQuade on July 20, 2016
President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Great Plains

It’s a statement that makes me cringe each time I hear it, and I hear it often – “I miss my Planned Parenthood provider since I’ve stopped needing reproductive health care.” Reproductive health care isn’t just about the years women and men are either trying to get pregnant or avoiding it. It includes the hormonal […]

Planned Parenthood Great Plains offers robust transgender care

By Bonyen Lee-Gilmore on June 9, 2016
Director of Communications and Marketing, Planned Parenthood Great Plains

I was training at City Gym in Waldo with my friend and City Gym owner, Hailee Bland Walsh, when we struck up a conversation about a workout program she had launched with a group of transgender men to help them develop a more masculine body shape. This casual conversation happened at a time whenPlanned Parenthood […]

Working to advance health through a well-prepared nursing workforce

By Cynthia Teel, PhD, RN, FAAN on February 19, 2016
Co-Lead, Kansas Action Coalition, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, University of Kansas School of Nursing

Jill Peltzer, PhD, APRN
Advocacy Team Leader, Kansas Action Coalition, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas School of Nursing

Just five years ago, a landmark report about nursing practice was released by the Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2011). The IOM’s report, Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, offered eight recommendations for nursing education, leadership, and practice. The report advocates for nurses to work to the full scope of their education and training. All […]

Eliminating the CIF: A risky proposition with no clear benefits

By Shannon Cotsoradis on February 5, 2016
President and CEO, Kansas Action for Children

Since the Children’s Initiatives Fund (CIF) was established with tobacco settlement dollars in 1999, it has become the cornerstone of funding for our early care and education system in Kansas. In fact, pretty much every program that serves young children has received or is currently receiving funding from the CIF. That is why Governor Sam […]


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