Back to School: Medicaid Math 101

By Jessica Hembree on August 14, 2014
Program Officer, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Sharpen your #2 pencil and dust off your three-ring (Lisa Frank) binder. It’s time for a quick math lesson! Let’s breakdown some simple math that’s summarized nicely in this infographic. Medicaid expansion has the potential to connect nearly 90,000 people in the HCF service area with health insurance, bringing $325 million to the area for […]

Hospice Study Shows Medicaid Savings

By Jane Moore on July 7, 2014
CEO, Missouri Hospice & Palliative Care Association

The Missouri Hospice and Palliative Care Association (MHPCA) Medicaid Project started in 2012. MHPCA worked closely with the Missouri MoHealthNet (Missouri’s Medicaid Division) to review the release of Medicaid data for Missouri Medicaid recipients who died in 2011. Missouri is the first state in the nation to conduct this kind of study with a data […]

Ambition, Personal Politics Block Medicaid Expansion

By Tonia Wright on July 2, 2014
Editor-in-Chief, accessHealth News

Ask anyone who needs ongoing health care for a chronic condition and they’ll tell you that it’s a crying shame that the Missouri legislature failed to expand Medicaid again. Approximately 300,000 individuals will not qualify for Medicaid or the health insurance marketplace because they are cramped in the coverage gap at up to 138 percent […]

Medicaid Part 2 Begins in 2015

By Bridget McCandless, MD on June 17, 2014
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

I wrote last week about the journey toward Medicaid, Part 1. I was asked by several people what Part 2 would be. That remains to be determined. Part 1 included the work that went into laying the groundwork around Medicaid changes in Missouri. This was the opportunity for people to examine and understand the options […]

Marketplace Chasm: Failed Medicaid Expansion Leaves Gaping Hole

By Tonia Wright on March 25, 2014
Editor-in-Chief, accessHealth News

By the end of January, about 9 million Americans had signed up for health insurance, a mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). February tallies logged about 3.3 million people who received a health insurance plan via a state exchange or through Other figures conclude that 6.3 million people received new or renewed Medicaid […]

The Case for Expanding Medicaid in Missouri

By Jim Heeter on March 18, 2014
President and CEO, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

There’s a concerted effort underway right now to convince Missouri legislators to change their collective mind and vote to expand Medicaid. Whether successful or not, expanding Medicaid is the right thing to do. The Greater Kansas City Chamber has been fully supportive of Medicaid expansion, for two important reasons. First, it makes good economic sense. […]

Looking to 2014

By Bridget McCandless, MD on December 20, 2013
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Before we bid farewell to an eventful year dominated by the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, our HCF associates take a look back at significant events and projects and share their insights about the year 2013. On day 10 (and the final day) of our year in review, HCF President/CEO Bridget McCandless, M.D., looks […]

Federal Poverty Level and Why the Safety Net Is Strung an Inch from the Sidewalk

By Jeanette Mott Oxford on October 17, 2013
Executive Director, Empower Missouri

It’s a scene repeated all over the USA. A principal testifying at a legislative hearing will pour out her heart, asking for support services for students who qualify for free/reduced price lunches. “Their parents make just 225 percent of the federal poverty level or less!” the principal will plead. “What?!” a legislator will rage. “You […]

Marketplace Launch Will Highlight Need for Medicaid Expansion

By Jessica Hembree on September 30, 2013
Program Officer, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Tomorrow marks the start of the first open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace that was created as part of the Affordable Care Act (aka the ACA, Obamacare, health reform). While the enrollment scene looks different in every state, one common thread in both Kansas and Missouri is that neither state has opted to […]

Medicaid Expansion Should Be Based on Facts, Not Politics

By Steve Roling on August 15, 2013
Inaugural President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

The Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) recently published a report called: Data Book: Missouri Health and Health Care. This report was designed to help members of the Missouri legislature understand the facts of the Missouri Medicaid program so that legislators could make informed decisions in the upcoming session. Some interesting facts from this report I want […]


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