System change requires commitment and funding

Johnson County Trauma Informed Care Task Force

By Valorie Carson on February 24, 2016
Community Planning Director, United Community Services of Johnson County

The human services sector — like all professional fields — is one that must incorporate new research and understanding of the interconnectedness between the body, behavior, history and environment in order to stay relevant. Professional development around issues such as cultural competence, gender identity, impact of socio-economic status, and equity have strengthened organizations’ ability to […]

Joining the HCF lineup

Keep the line moving

By Bradford T. Hart on February 9, 2016
Program Officer, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

In early November, our former President/CEO Steve Roling penned a blog entry entitled, Keep the line moving, with a nod to the values of the game of baseball. The spirit of “keep the line moving” is deeply inspiring. It extolls the virtues of teamwork, resiliency, taking action, and momentum. All of these virtues are important aspects of […]

A look back at 2015: Telling a good story

By Jennifer Sykes on January 1, 2016
Communications Officer, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Everyone loves a good story. The best part of my job as as the Communications Officer at the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City is being able to share the stories of our community partners as they work to create healthier communities. This isn’t always easy. While there have never been more ways to reach […]

My New Year’s Resolution for Kansas City

HCF associates, 2015

By Bridget McCandless, MD on December 31, 2015
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

  2015 was an exciting year for the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. It was during this year that we celebrated 10 years of grantmaking. Over the course of the past decade, we have funded over 440 organizations. We took an opportunity this year through our Decade of Difference report and website, events, […]

A look back at 2015: What we learned about the next Decade of Difference

By Jane Mosley, PhD on December 23, 2015
Program and Evaluation Officer, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

For the past 18 months, HCF has been working on a project that examined how we’ve advanced health in our region over the past 10 years. The fruits of that labor is featured on our new website – While most of the report focuses on changes that have occurred, we also heard about health […]

Trauma-informed care invites perspective

Mental health

By Valorie Carson on December 4, 2015
Community Planning Director, United Community Services of Johnson County

  As the HCFGKC’s Blog has been exploring this past month, childhood trauma is known to be directly tied to increased risk for poor health and health-related outcomes in adulthood. Since early 2012, a dozen and a half organizations have been meeting and working together to build a trauma-informed community in Johnson County, Kansas. Valorie […]

SAFEHOME’s practices driven by the latest research on trauma

coping plan

By Kristin Brumm on December 2, 2015
Executive Vice President, SAFEHOME

For the past 36 years, SAFEHOME has been working with some of Johnson County’s most vulnerable citizens – women, children and men who have experienced violence and abuse. Oftentimes, the abuse has been going on for years and the victims come to us with significant physical and emotional wounds. Our advocates learned over the years […]

Recognizing trauma will change health landscape

Mental health behavioral health

By Bridget McCandless, MD on November 24, 2015
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

People have been hearing a great deal about trauma lately. The concept is anything but new to social workers, of course. They could have told us 30 years ago that the more adverse situations a child experiences, the higher the chance of real consequences in school, health and life. As a concept though, trauma, unfortunately, didn’t make […]

Caring for Kansas City’s hardest workers

Human service organizations in Johnson County were very interested in learning more about trauma-informed care, but wanted a collective way to learn about and advance the concept. The grant from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City made it possible. The financial support allowed United Community Services of Johnson County (UCS) to commit staff time to convene and facilitate the Trauma-Informed Care Task Force of Johnson County. A report on the project will be available on the UCS website in December. Thank you HCF.

By Julia Westhoff on November 20, 2015
Executive Director, Secondary Trauma Resource Center

Here at the Secondary Trauma Resource Center we train and consult with Kansas City’s hardest workers on how taking care of themselves and each other is not only important – it’s an ethical imperative. Working with cops, nurses, social workers, therapists, teachers, fire fighters, shelter workers and others has taught us that our community has […]

Keep the line moving

Royals manager Ned Yost and World Series trophy

By Steve Roling on November 10, 2015
Inaugural President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

I started playing baseball at a very early age, and I have always loved the sport and the important life lessons learned by playing team sports. So as you can imagine, these last few months for me have been like living on a cloud. Every day, another exciting come-from-behind win or bitter disappointment. Luckily for […]


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