Looking Back on 10 Years: Healthy Communities Funding Improves Quality of Life

In 2005 when the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City was first beginning, the founding board of directors conducted many thoughtful discussions and research to focus the HCF’s funding. They selected the three areas of health that remain as the Foundation’s funding priorities: healthy lifestyles, mental health and safety net. While all of these […]

Infographics Highlight Resources on Health Data Website

By Bridget McCandless, MD
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Two years ago, HCF was pleased to launch a new community website called KCHealthMatters.org. The goal of the website is to help strengthen and build healthier communities by providing a one-stop shop for data and resources related to the health of specific communities. By visiting the website, you can find health data, explore promising practices, […]

Nicotine Is Nicotine, No Matter the Form

By Reshana Peterson, MPH, CHES
Youth Prevention Specialist, Tri-county Mental Health Services

Didn’t it seem like a great idea to find an alternative to cigarettes that didn’t smell as bad, create as much secondhand smoke, and cost as much? The common misconception is that e-cigarettes, often called e–cigs, are that savior. As much as America would like to believe that, we simply cannot. The reason for that […]

Parenting Intentionally and With Care

By Beth Sarver
Trauma Outreach Coordinator, Truman Medical Centers Behavioral Health

I am a single mother, trauma survivor and a trauma-informed care master trainer. People look to me for feedback and creative-thought leadership on building resilient classrooms, organizations and professional cohorts. This is great… I love my work… it is my purpose! So, what happens when I realize that my own life and purposeful mindful mothering […]

School District Integrates Mental Health Services Into School Day

By Heather McFarland
Executive Director, Belton Educational Foundation

Several years ago, I met with the leadership of the Belton School District to discuss what some of the most difficult challenges the students of the Belton School District faced. At the top of the list was access to quality mental health services. Approximately 75 students (1.5 percent of the student population) each year were […]

Community-Based Approach to Children’s Dental Care Is Saving Smiles

By Martha McReynolds, RN
Public Health Nurse, Lafayette County Health Department

Saving Smiles is a preventative program to reduce the amount of tooth decay in the children of Lafayette County Missouri. It is a Missouri Oral Health Preventative Services Program, which is a community–based approach to prevention of oral disease. The Saving Smiles program is organized by personnel at Lafayette County Health Department with the support […]

School Meals Provide Nutrition Safety Net

By Jeanette Mott Oxford
Executive Director, Empower Missouri

One of my favorite inspirational readings ends with the line “Face reality and unwilled change will happen.” If our communities are to thrive, here is a reality that our society has to face: Too many families struggle to put food on the table. In fact, in 2014, one in six households in Missouri said there […]

Remembering Mary Kettlewell

By Bridget McCandless, MD
President and CEO, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

This week we said goodbye to our friend and colleague Mary Kettlewell. Mary spent her career dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate. Many of you had the opportunity to work with her the last nine years in her role as program officer at the Foundation. Mary led the mental health work at […]

Looking Back on 10 Years: How Special Initiatives Have Helped Improve Systems of Care

By Karen Cox, PhD, RN, FAAN
Former Board Chair, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City reserves money each year for special initiatives. This funding helps to extend our grantmaking impact and advance our mission in a way that complements our three, core-funding areas. Over the past decade, HCF has funded more than 200 initiatives totaling more than $34 million. Grants ranged in […]

Have You Heard? Kansas City Is 12345 Fit-Tastic!


By Emily Meissen-Sebelius
Project Coordinator, Weighing In

The food and beverage industry spends $2 billion each year marketing specifically to our kids. The fast food industry spends more than $5 million every day marketing unhealthy foods to children.* Researchers found that even five years after adolescents had been exposed to promotions of unhealthy foods, they purchased fewer fruits and vegetables, but increased […]


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