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HCF’s goal is lofty — eliminating barriers to health for the uninsured and underserved. Because of the nature of our mission, long-term success is heavily dependent upon political, cultural and economic context. Policies at the city, county, state and federal levels have incredible impact on the lives of the uninsured and underserved. For this reason, HCF is active in working alongside our grantees and community partners to advance public policies that will enhance the health of our service area.

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HCF’s 2016 Policy Agenda

The HCF Executive Committee has adopted the following public policy priorities:

  • Promoting universal health coverage for the uninsured and underinsured
  • Reducing disparities in access to quality health care/mental health care (racial, socioeconomic, and geographic)
  • Improving health care/mental health care prevention strategies

These policy priorities provide a broad vision of the policies that fit with HCF’s mission. HCF has developed tier I and tier II policy agendas. The function of these agendas is to provide more focused guidance.

These agendas will guide the dedication of HCF’s internal resources, including staff time, initiative funds, and operating budget expenses. We will continue to consider a funding relationship with all organizations whose advocacy work supports the three broad policy priorities listed above.

Tier I activities are those which HCF will assume a leadership role and dedicate a substantial amount of its human resources.

  • High priority for HCF.
  • HCF plans to be intensively involved, oftentimes taking a leading role.
  • HCF will offer significant resources, either through funding, staff time, political capital or all three.

These include:

  • Encourage both Kansas and Missouri to reform and expand Medicaid, as allowed for in the Affordable Care Act, with a particular emphasis on meaningful policy solutions that garner support across the health care community. Read our policy statement.
  • Prevent youth tobacco initiation through:
  • Work with the MOHealthNet Division to secure reimbursement for school-based services that are delivered to MOHealthNet beneficiaries. Read our policy statement.

Tier II efforts will involve collaborating with health coalitions and others whose mission and values closely reflect those of HCF.

  • Priority for HCF.
  • HCF plans to be involved, but will not be leading the effort.
  • HCF will offer some resources, including funding, staff time, and political

These include:

  • Support the creation of a prescription drug registry in Missouri.
  • Encourage enhanced reimbursement rates for oral health services.
  • Provide adequate funding to local public health agencies.


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