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Mental health behavioral health

By Erica Immenschuh, LSCSW on October 11, 2016
Johnson County Mental Health Center, Adult Services Team Leader

Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Have you ever experienced or witnessed family violence? Were you bullied by a peer or classmate?  Did you ever live in a home where there was not enough money for food? All of these are examples of adversities that affect us in one way or another. Recent research […]

Kansas City foster-parent group grows to nationally recognized agency

FosterAdopt Connect

By Lori Ross on September 29, 2016
CEO and President, FosterAdopt Connect

In 1998, I joined a handful of Kansas City-area foster parents at a support group meeting in Eastern Jackson County. In that meeting, people who were new to fostering, and people who had fostered for a while, were sharing their experiences and challenges and seeking solutions together. I quickly decided that I wanted to be […]

HCF committee gathers input from high school students


By Community Input Committee on September 14, 2016
, HCF Community Advisory Committee

One of the primary roles of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to gather community input surrounding access to care, perceived and present barriers to health, areas of need, etc. It is for this purpose that the Community Input Committee, a sub-committee of the CAC, facilitates a number of listening sessions in the community to […]

Youth Ambassadors write children’s book depicting harsh reality

In one story entitled, Dinner Time, a Youth Ambassador describes how she would try to fill up on food and water at school so she could share her dinner portion with her mother, who often went without food to provide for her children.

By Paige O’Connor on September 14, 2016
Executive Director, Youth Ambassadors, Inc.

In my children’s favorite childhood book, For Every Child a Better World, Kermit the Frog shows children that others are working hard to make our world a better place.  It is a compassionate book that gently introduces us to how others live “outside” their community and acquaints us to the United Nation’s Convention on the […]

Understanding that parents are a child’s first teacher

Carlos and Kaden receive individualized services and therapies from Operation Breakthrough, resulting in a healthy relationship that suits them to a T. Photo credit: Gloria Baker Feinstein

By Brijin Gardner on September 8, 2016
Director of Clinical and Social Services, Operation Breakthrough

Kayla Sullivan
Social Services Coordinator, Operation Breakthrough

Every weekday, 400 children and their families make their way to Operation Breakthrough, an early education center the heart of Kansas City. We strive to provide multi-generational support to children and their families through a lens of practice that promotes resiliency and healthy attachment. Parents play the critical role of being their child’s first teacher […]

‘Art soothes the body, soul, and mind’

A sample of the artwork students create at ArtsTech while working through some behavioral issues and building strong social skills.

By Dave Sullivan on July 6, 2016
Executive Director, ArtsTech

Cicely was a confused, bitter, and disruptive teenager who had been put out of three schools before coming to ArtsTech. In partnership with the Kansas City Public Schools, ArtsTech served 100+ young people with similar issues as Cicely’s this past school year. As part of Cicely’s, and most other students’, educational and mental health action […]

JVS program helps refugees learn to navigate health care system

JVS beautiful ladies featured image

By Sarah Cirese-Payton, LMSW on June 14, 2016
Social Work Manager, Jewish Vocational Services

JVS helps resettle approximately 450-500 refugees to Kansas City annually. Refugees are legally allowed to enter the U.S. for permanent resettlement after proving persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion in their country of origin. Financial assistance from the U.S. […]

Resilient KC: Thriving through adversity in Kansas City

KC CHAMBER Resilient KC Event

By Jasmin Williams on May 29, 2016
Project Coordinator, Kansas City Chamber

Trauma Matters KC and The Chamber of Commerce Foundation of Greater Kansas City are excited to partner on a new initiative geared towards creating a resilient Kansas City community. On April 12th, both parties publicly announced this new partnership and the goals they wish to accomplish with a two year start in funding from The […]

Join us today as we Text, Talk, Act

Talk Text Act

By Jennifer Wilding on April 19, 2016
Director, Consensus

On April 19, young people here and around the U.S. will gather friends around a cell phone for Text, Talk, Act, a guided, face-to-face discussion about mental health. Locally, Creating Community Solutions-KC and its partners are encouraging conversations for people under 18, and for young adults 18-24. Young people under 18 If you work with […]

System change requires commitment and funding

Johnson County Trauma Informed Care Task Force

By Valorie Carson on February 24, 2016
Community Planning Director, United Community Services of Johnson County

The human services sector — like all professional fields — is one that must incorporate new research and understanding of the interconnectedness between the body, behavior, history and environment in order to stay relevant. Professional development around issues such as cultural competence, gender identity, impact of socio-economic status, and equity have strengthened organizations’ ability to […]


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