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That is what I know

Mary KettlewellAs has become an annual activity for our organization, before we ring in the new year, we take a look back at events, projects and moments from 2014 that have impacted the health care scene in our communities and our nation.

On day two of our Year In Review series, HCF Program Officer Mary Kettlewell recaps what she knows about the past year.

Frequently when I email my adult son, I send him a list of things that have happened that day or week with family members, me, current events, etc.

I always end the list with the words, “That is what I know.” Since this is meant to be a year-end blog post, I will recap what I know about the past year.


Living the mission

Jessica HembreeAs has become an annual activity for our organization, before we ring in the new year, we take a look back at events, projects and moments from 2014 that have impacted the health care scene in our communities and our nation.

On day one of our year in review, HCF Program and Policy Officer Jessica Hembree invites you to look at your mission.

I’m going to invite you to take out your organization’s mission statement and give it a hard look. Yeah, I imagine most of you have it memorized and ready to deliver as an “elevator speech” to someone at a networking function or potential donor, but today I am inviting you to stop and really read it.

Now, ask yourself what it will really take to achieve that mission.


Patients face major hurdles in understanding explanation of benefits

Stan HudsonBy Stan Hudson, Associate Director, Center for Health Policy

If you have ever struggled to understand your EOB — the explanation of benefits from your health or dental insurance plan — you are not alone.


5 reasons to eat local for the holidays

Long gone are the dog days of summer. Winter, while not “officially” here, made its appearance early with bitter cold.

Fortunately, with the decline in temperature, we also get to usher in the season of Thanksgiving, that wondrous holiday when we give thanks for the many blessings, family and friends in our lives.

It also means food, and if we’re being honest, probably not the healthiest either!


50 Million Step Challenge a success

By Bunny Hayes, Health Club Supervisor and Wellness Coach Trainer for ReDiscover Mental Health in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

THE CHALLENGE: Walk 50 Million steps in 3 months, starting Aug. 1, and ending Nov. 1.


Honest numbers matter

Jeanette Mott OxfordBy Jeanette Mott Oxford, Executive Director of Empower Missouri

Audrey, a coffee shop owner in Jefferson City, Mo., recently told me about her surprise when she gave a really good employee a raise, and the worker seemed disappointed. Audrey’s surprise turned to dismay when she gave the employee a second raise a few months later. The employee quit.

“She was such a good employee that I did not want to lose her to another business,” Audrey said. “But when I gave her a well-deserved bump in pay, her new, higher income made her ineligible for subsidized child care, so her family was actually poorer than before the raise.”


Food labels get new look, but educators still have work to do on health literacy in diets

By Catina O’Leary, President and CEO of Health Literacy Missouri

Health literacy is in everything we do — from understanding the dosages on pill bottles to knowing how to follow our doctor’s instructions. But there’s another area of our lives where health literacy skills are essential to getting and staying healthy: The ability to understand the labels on the foods we eat every day.


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