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The Rosedale 105 supports residents in healthy living

By Erin Stryka, Healthy Kids Program Manager at Rosedale Development Association

Walking to bus stop.jpgJune 30 brought a major community health asset to the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kan. The Rosedale 105 connects Rosedale and Argentine residents—many of whom live in a food desert—to one grocery store at each end of the line.


There's one crucial school item that won't fit in your child's backpack

By Sharon Engelman RN, BSN, clinical nurse manager at Jackson County Health Department

While driving across the country on vacation this summer I saw a billboard with the message, “Vaccine Preventable Diseases are Just a Plane Ride Away.” As a public health nurse I was excited to see the billboard, but at the same time I wondered if the message shouldn’t be, “Vaccine Preventable Diseases Are in OUR Community”.


Training saves lives, offers hope

By Mark Wiebe, Wyandot Inc., public affairs director

Hang around a mental health advocate long enough, and you're likely to hear the phrase "early intervention." This is shorthand for the simple concept that the sooner you can treat someone's mental health issues the better chance that person has of recovery. Just as you want to clean an open wound as soon as possible, you want to treat a mental illness before it ignites a fury of self-reinforcing, and often self-defeating, behaviors.


Kids beat heat to learn bike basics

By Maggie Priesmeyer, education and outreach coordinator, BikeWalkKC

RussellJones.jpgStudents at Russell Jones Education Center in the Park Hill School District participated in the final BLAST: Kids on Bikes class of the season earlier this summer. Russell Jones Education Center is a K-12 school focused on teaching and empowering students with special needs and emotional disabilities, preparing them with skills to lead a successful life.


Mental health community views walking challenge as step toward improved overall health

By Ron Tankel, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapist for Truman Medical Centers, Behavioral Health, New Frontier’s program

The Ten Million Step challenge project in 2009 engaged all seven Kansas City metro community mental health centers (CMHC) in a challenge to walk 10 million steps in three months. Each CMHC selected 25 mental health consumers, who, along with their identified coach, tracked either by pedometer or by entering duration, the number of steps walked in a three-month period that spanned Aug. 17 to Nov. 15, 2009.

Each week, the teams recorded their steps. The teams competing in the challenge finished with a total of more than 60 million steps of approximately 30,000 miles.


The Giving Grove turns vacant land into free, edible tree gardens

By Rob Reiman, Executive Director, The Giving Grove

image1.jpegThis spring, we were at Center Elementary in KCMO planting fruits, figs and some berries. A large group of kindergartners gathered around me with their curious, sparkling eyes. We had just finished eating some pears that we had brought along to the project.


Behavioral health performance in the charity care environment

By Bruce A. Eddy, Ph.D., executive director of the Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund

Saying that the field of mental health is rapidly changing is an understatement. Tight state budgets, healthcare reform, a new wave of managed care, health homes and advances in treatment technology are but a few of the seismic changes playing out across the country.

Learn more about Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund's work:

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