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Meal program empowers adults to prepare healthy dinners

Taryn GlidewellBy Taryn Glidewell, nutrition services manager, Harvesters – The Community Food Network

Harvesters’ nutrition education programs empower participants to cook and care for themselves and their communities. Most importantly, participants learn to cook healthy meals, despite living on limited incomes.

Urban Grown Tour celebrates 10 years

By Ami Freeberg, communications and outreach manager, Cultivate Kansas City

Ki Koko FarmsTen years ago, Kansas City was not talking about urban agriculture. Sure, a handful of farmers grew food in the city, a couple farmers markets popped up every Saturday morning, and a few community gardens filled vacant lots. In 2005, Cultivate Kansas City (then the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture) hosted the first Urban Grown Tour with just six farms and 200 visitors.

Things have changed in 10 years.


A simple solution to address a big problem

Gayla BrockmanBy Gayla Brockman, executive director for the Menorah Legacy Foundation

In 2009, the majority of area farmers markets in Kansas City accepted cash only as payment for the fresh, healthy food they sold. While this was an inconvenience for those of us who don’t carry cash, it was a ‘show-stopper’ for people receiving support from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, previously known as the Food Stamp program).

What if men cared about their health as much as their receding hairline?

Andres DominguezBy Andres Dominguez, HCF program officer

Ah, the dreaded annual medical exam. It's a subject most men know, and an appointment that is fiercely avoided. The challenge to our country is how to keep men healthy. If only men could be equally concerned about their overall health as they are about receding hairlines, we would be set.

Local nonprofit fights hunger with fresh produce

By Lisa Ousley, executive director of After the Harvest

Summer is here, and with it the brilliantly colored jewels of the season — the soft green of baby lettuce leaves, the dark green of curly kale, the creamy orange-yellow of perfectly ripened cantaloupe and the deep purple of plump, juicy blackberries. The smells are just as vivid and the flavors bring back memories of joy and satisfaction. Farm-fresh fruits and veggies are treasures we grow and pick and seek out during this time of year.

Nutrition nearby: a logical way to build healthier communities

In 2015, HCF is celebrating 10 Years of Grantmaking. But we are nothing without the organizations that work every day on eliminating barriers to quality health in our community. To mark this milestone, we are launching a special series — A Healthy 10. Each month we’ll highlight one of 10 areas of health that saw progress in the past decade. June rings in our fourth topic: Access to Healthy Food. We look forward to celebrate the work our grantee organizations have done to improve access to health foods.

Access to healthy foods

To build healthier communities, a logical place to start is through improving nutrition. Ensuring that everyone has access to healthy foods has major implications for preventing chronic diseases and for improving overall community health.

The availability of healthy foods — in grocery stores, restaurants, schools and farmers markets — is the hallmark of a thriving community.

Looking Back on 10 Years: Healthy Communities funding improves quality of life

In 2015, HCF is celebrating 10 years of grantmaking. Each month, the Local Health Buzz blog will feature a guest post from a current or former HCF Board of Director, Associate or Community Advisory Committee member to look back on the past 10 years at HCF.

By Roberta Coker, former chair of the HCF Programs and Grant Committee

HCF Decade of DifferenceIn 2005 when the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City was first beginning, the founding board of directors conducted many thoughtful discussions and research to focus the HCF’s funding. They selected the three areas of health that remain as the Foundation’s funding priorities: healthy lifestyles, mental health and safety net.

HCF's Local Health Buzz Blog aims to discuss health and health policy issues that impact the uninsured and underserved in our service area. To submit a blog, please contact HCF Communications Officers, Jennifer Sykes, at jsykes@hcfgkc.org.


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