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My children's futures are hopeful, but not all parents can say this

By Bridget McCandless, President/CEO of the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

I was catching up with some friends recently and to no one’s surprise, the conversation quickly turned to our families and children. We shared the stories of our kids growing and changing and driving us crazy.


A small patch of ground

By Dina Newman, Health Initiatives Manager of Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council

“These two were over in the garden,” he said sternly.

I glanced over at the boys, both holding a plastic sack that contained what looked like a fistful of greens. The boys were opposite in appearance except for the fact that they both looked down at the carpeted floor, not willing to make eye contact.

“You were in the garden without permission?” I asked.

They nodded.

“Are you hungry?” They shook their heads. “Do you need food?” I asked.


Back to School: Medicaid Math 101

By Jessica Hembree, HCF program officer

image001.jpgSharpen your #2 pencil and dust off your three-ring (Lisa Frank) binder. It’s time for a quick math lesson!


How you can help fight mental illness

By Natasha Sims, HCF Local Health Buzz blog administrator

As usual, I logged in to Twitter during a free moment on Monday. The first tweet I saw was a retweet of The Chive, a popular satire site similar to The Onion. In this tweet, they were expressing their condolences regarding Robin Williams’ death. My stomach dropped. “Please let this be a sick joke,” I thought.

As I continued scrolling, my shock grew as I realized we had indeed lost a wonderful person. Sadness set in as I further learned that the man behind so many beloved characters had suffered from severe depression.


Nonprofit employees, are you forgetting to tell your story?

Melinda Lewis-Edits-0004 copy.jpgBy Melinda Lewis, associate professor of practice in the KU School of Social Welfare; consultant to area nonprofits around social services and social change

In advocacy, we talk about ‘message’ a lot. We’re exhorted to remember to ‘stay on message’. We’re given talking points that are supposed to distill our message into sound bites. We’re asked to condense our communications to the most essential message. And yet we seldom have the tools we need to build really effective messages, versatile enough to meet our every communication challenge, robust enough to withstand the cycles of policy change, flexible enough to work for different messengers, complex enough to be authentic, but simple enough to work.


The Rosedale 105 supports residents in healthy living

By Erin Stryka, Healthy Kids Program Manager at Rosedale Development Association

Walking to bus stop.jpgJune 30 brought a major community health asset to the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kan. The Rosedale 105 connects Rosedale and Argentine residents—many of whom live in a food desert—to one grocery store at each end of the line.


There's one crucial school item that won't fit in your child's backpack

By Sharon Engelman RN, BSN, clinical nurse manager at Jackson County Health Department

While driving across the country on vacation this summer I saw a billboard with the message, “Vaccine Preventable Diseases are Just a Plane Ride Away.” As a public health nurse I was excited to see the billboard, but at the same time I wondered if the message shouldn’t be, “Vaccine Preventable Diseases Are in OUR Community”.


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Bridget McCandless, MD, MBA, FACP, HCF President/CEO

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