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That Is What I Know

December 9, 2014

Tweet Share Share PinAs has become an annual activity for our organization, before we ring in the new year, we take a look back at events, projects and moments from 2014 that have impacted the health care scene in our communities and our nation. On day two of our Year In Review series, HCF Program […]

Partnerships Are Powerful

December 10, 2013

Tweet Share Share PinBefore we bid farewell to an eventful year dominated by the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, our HCF associates take a look back at significant events and projects and share their insights about the year 2013. On day two of our year in review, Program Officer Mary Kettlewell takes a look […]

National Dialogues Provide a Platform for Those Affected by Mental Illness

September 26, 2013

Tweet Share Share PinI was privileged to participate in the National Mental Health Dialogue held in Kansas City last weekend. President Obama launched this effort, with events being held in 10 cities across the country The excitement and energy were electric when I entered the ballroom where the event was held. There were approximately 350 […]

Is Integration the Key to Improving Access and Quality of Mental Health Care?

March 21, 2013

Tweet Share Share PinIn any given year, less than half of people diagnosed with a mental illness receive treatment. While this can be attributed to many different circumstances, it is clear that early identification of mental health needs and access to quality services are critical in closing this gap. One strategy referenced in HCF’s Health […]

Experiential Learning Prepares KC Urban High Schoolers for College, Careers in Health Care

December 11, 2012

Tweet Share Share PinIt’s been a busy year for HCF and our grantees. Before we bid farewell to an eventful year, our HCF associates take a look back at significant events and projects that helped make 2012 a productive year. On Day 2 of our year in review, HCF Program Officer Mary Kettlewell brings you […]

Increased Resources for Mental Health Treatment Needed to Help Prevent Tragedies

February 23, 2011

Tweet Share Share PinTragic events happen every day. When they involve public figures, the media provides a tremendous amount of coverage. This was especially true for the recent tragedy in Arizona involving the deaths of several persons including a member of Congress. The shooter is reported to be a young man with a history of […]


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